1) Estimate and Design Consultation:

Meeting with you for your free estimate and design consultation
Initial Consultation

Whether you're a homeowner looking to refinish a garage, patio, or a business-owner in need of a new restaurant or dealership floor, our first step is to meet with you and begin a conversation about which floor coating (chip, metallic, quartz, medici or solid color) works best for your space. Our team of experts have over 40 years of combined experience and have mastered the art of concrete coating.

During the estimate we measure the square footage of your space, look for coatings that need to be removed, check the hardness and moisture content as well as damage that needs to be repaired.

Once you approve our quote, Concrete Coatings of Minnesota will work with you to schedule your coating project. Our team is very flexible and can perform daytime or overnight installations if needed.

2) Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting:

Diamond Grinding Concrete in Progress

At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota we shotblast and diamond grind; processes that remove the top coat of the concrete, expose its pores,  and allow the Polyurea / Polyaspartic coating to have a mechanical bond.  All of our preparation work is 98% dust free. 

3) Repairing Pits, Spalling or Cracks:

Chip System Before and After

After diamond grinding and shotblasting the entire surface, the team at Concrete Coatings of Minnesota will repair any cracks, pits or spalling in the floor.

We use a flexible patch material to overfill all cracks and then grind them flush with the floor. Any pitted or spalling areas will be patched flush with floor. Once the patch has cured, we grind smooth, preventing the possibility of imperfections being seen through the final decorative coat. Read More

4) Hassle-Free Installation:

Decorative Chip Coating System and comparison to epoxy
Decorative Chip Coating System and comparison to epoxy

Once the floor has been repaired, we use a roller to spread the primer base coat completely and evenly. Then we evenly distribute your chosen chip over the entire floor by hand. After the base coat has cured for roughly 1 hour, we scrape the chip to dislodge any loose chip, leaving the floor with a uniform texture. The final step is simply applying the clear top coat with a squeegee and then back-rolled to make sure the final product is smooth.

5) Curing Time:

Metallic Polyurea Floor System

The two key, cutting-edge advantages to your Polyurea / Polyaspartic floor coating are an extremely fast cure time and the temperature at which it can be installed. Unlike epoxy, our Polyurea coating can be applied in temperatures ranging from -3f to 140°f.

How fast is it? While some products can take 24 hours for just a single coat, we can apply the multiple coats necessary in one day,  so that you are able to drive on it in as little as 24 hours or walk on it in just 12 hours.

That’s it, now it’s time to enjoy your new Polyurea floor coating!

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