Commercial Applications

Polyurea / Polyaspartic concrete coatings are an ideal solution for any number of industries. Our Polyurea coatings have near-zero VOC's (volatile organic compound) emissions. With regulations only advancing in the future, our products are in an excellent position to attract environmentally conscious consumers. With the look and sheen that makes us so popular in auto dealer showrooms, a Polyurea / Polyaspartic floor coating will improve your space for longevity and appearance. 

Our Polyurea coatings were designed & engineered to handle the day to day wear and tear of  factory or repair shops that have heavy foot and forklift traffic. In addition to being one of the easiest surfaces to clean, our concrete coatings are also bacteria-resistant, add in a non-slip surface that exceeds OSHA guidelines, making it ideal for restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, kennels and retail spaces. Choose from a wide variety of colors and coating systems, your project is only limited by your imagination. Whatever your needs, working with Concrete Coatings of Minnesota is one of the smartest investments you can make.

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Benefit Summary

  • Non-Yellowing - The durability of our coating ensures that it maintains its color and will not yellow when exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Easy To Clean - The non-porous Polyurea / Polyaspartic floor has no weak links or frayed edges to trap dirt and other debris.
  • Limited to Zero Bacteria Build - With nowhere for dirt and bacteria to hide and build-up, these floors are perfect for keeping healthy facilities.
  • Waterproof - Polyurea / Polyaspartics cap off tiny air holes and veins in concrete, making it almost impossible for moisture vapor to move upwards. This feature results in a waterproof room with dry, healthy air quality. Polyurea / Polyaspartic coatings can also be applied vertically over cove moldings for a totally seamless basin without the possibility of water getting under walls.
  • Green, low VOCs - Our Polyurea contains low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and produces no toxic fumes during the application process.
  • Chemical Resistant - In cold climates like ours, salts are easily tracked into garages, retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities, and industrial spaces. At 20 times the strength of epoxy, salt and other chemicals are no match for our floors.
  • Rapid Cure - For a quick cure in cold weather we can increase the Polyaspartic content. We can also apply numerous coats in a single day with return to service in 24 hours. For remodels and new construction, rapid cure means quicker application without holding up other trades.

  • Decorative & Customizable - Our product can be applied clear over an already-stained concrete floor, or can be enhanced with a new color or decorative accent of your choosing. Decorative chips come in various sizes, colors, and styles. You can create simple one-color schemes, customize multi colored designs or even include a graphic inlay of your company’s logo.

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Commercial Examples

Metallic Pearlescent Project Examples Modern Outdoor Entryway or Patio
Metallic pearlescent beautiful Polyurea outdoor entryway
Warehouse installation of materials for safety paths
Medici transformed this business' concrete entryway
Solid color Polyurea revitalizes a salon